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Melbourne's most epic escape room!

The Curium Experience is a thrilling adventure that redefines what an Escape Room can be.  Be prepared for an amazing journey to remember filled with immersive design, exciting gameplay and dazzling special effects.

Mission - Extraction



Extract the artefact and don't get caught...  easier said than done when the item is held in a secret lab in Area 51.   Our technology can get you in, but after that, you're on your own.  We hope you have what it takes... after all, the future of the planet is at stake!

Extraction is an immersive, action-packed adventure set across multiple levels with loads of fun physical elements.  Be the star of your own action movie!


For fans of  Mission Impossible, James Bond, Science Fiction

Extraction may not be suitable for players with knee or back problems or existing medical conditions.  For details of specific physical game elements (SPOILERS) click here

What is the Curum Experience

What is The Curium Experience?



The  Society

Begin your journey in the lavish clubrooms of The Curium Society, hidden within an abandoned Collingwood warehouse.


The Briefing

Experience the wonder of "The Machine", Curium's mysterious portal device as it transports you to another world.


The Mission

Work as a team to solve puzzles and overcome challenges, advance the story and successfully complete your mission.

Recovery Lounge.jpg

The Club Lounge

Toast to your success in our club lounge where you can enjoy a well-deserved drink during your post-mission debrief.

The Curium Society

The Curium Society

We are a secretive organisation founded in 1846 after our founders discovered an unusual artefact during an expedition to South America.  Over the decades, as custodians of the artefact, our members have learned to use its power and from the shadows, we have contributed to many of humanity's greatest technological advances.  Our crowning achievement, however, is a closely guarded secret, one that you will need to see to believe.


For the first time in The Curium Society's history, we are opening our doors and welcoming new recruits to undertake missions of vital importance... if you're lucky you may even get to save the world!

From the moment you discover our secret chambers, cunningly hidden deep within a non-descript Collingwood warehouse, you will enter a world of mystery and adventure.


If you are looking for a memorable experience for your team that's a little outside the ordinary, The Curium Experience has got you covered.  


Team Building

Hone your team's communication skills and ability to think outside the box in a fun, immersive environment.

Recovery Lounge.jpg


Throw a birthday party your friends wont stop talking about at Melbourne's most epic escape room!



Completely phenomenal experience from the stunning sets, the extremely fun puzzles, the exquisite attention to detail from the moment you step in the door, and the lovely team this is a must play for everyone. Extraction was my 40th room and is hands down my favourite.

Maddy McCusker - Google Review

Mind bendingly good! Highly recommend this room - we’ve done many rooms, but this has trumped them all.

Jayse Smith, Google Review

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